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MAX 2007 will be Sept. 30 – Oct. 3 in Chicago

The main reason to attend MAX is simply this: Be it web design, application development, creative work, building intelligent documents, and more, you rely on Adobe products to do what you do. And this is your chance to learn new skills, discover new opportunities, and prepare for the future. Ben Forta, Edge Newsletter, July 11, 2006

The 2007 MAX site (added 6-13-07).

Here’s a MAX blog from the Chicago AUG:

Here’s the site from last year.

Here’s the PowerPoint file from my MAX 2006 report at last November’s BVAUG meeting.

Some points from that file’s conclusion screen:

  • Adobe is making a major effort to relieve developer effort (Flash/Flex, Cold Fusion, Captivate, Fireworks, etc.)
  • Continuing strong emphasis on mobile technology
  • Major score with Verizon Wireless collaboration
  • Strong leveraging of the Flash platform
  • Apollo: Flavor of the Month?
  • Adobe has Microsoft envy

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