online training account request; subscription price discount for re-up

As promised in the meeting Mar. 20, I officially requested a free BVAUG User Group account from I submitted the request Apr. 3. So far, just an automated response.

For personal subscriptions, I mentioned that the premium service at is $375/year.* However, just this week I re-subscribed to at work and received a $60 discount for not letting my account expire before re-upping. Might be a consideration for anyone evaluating a subscription. This must be new since this is the third or fourth year I’ve subscribed and hadn’t got a discount before.

*The difference between this and the $250/year version is the ability to download their exercise files. This is crucial for some of the tutorials but certainly not for all. Carefully look through the library before subscribing to see if the training you’d be interested in really depends on these files.

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