free resources upcoming BVAUG meetings

Great free stuff—how should we choose who gets what?

Some great giveaways coming up, to be topped off with one fortunate person receiving any Adobe software package up to $2,100 in value. Very cool. Adobe will give this away once every six months, suggesting “the best method for awarding the software is to hold a contest for members that runs for the duration of the software period.” So, any thoughts on how the contest might work? I was thinking to weigh in favor of people for attendance, but I’m open to all suggestions.

Other worthwhile giveaways upcoming:

I just received a box of door prizes from Adobe for the next six meetings. Some decent stuff: AUG T-shirts, Adobe travel mugs, miniature USB mice, etc. Oddly, there’s a red Apollo shirt that would fit a very small person only; maybe someone with a daughter in elementary school might like this.

Also, the people who put on CFUnited are offering AUGs some materials they give to their conference attendees. I requested this for the BVAUG and they’re sending us a box. Anyone who uses or is interested in ColdFusion is welcome to it; once it arrives I’ll let you know and see who’s interested.

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