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Multiple-topic meetings?

Would anyone be interested in meetings often having two, three, or even four topics? People may feel more comfortable presenting something if they don’t feel they have to fill a full hour, and more people may come if they see at least one thing being discussed that they’re interested in. A few thoughts for potential meeting topics:

  • Diann suggests playing some segments, starting with ColdFusion MX Essential Training
  • Captivate demo; including a discussion of its potential usefulness for all developers and a comparison with Camtasia Studio
  • members show and explain aspects of their best or favorite sites (ones they’ve worked on or ones they just like)
  • Flex demo
  • Apollo demo
  • attendee reports from training conferences (myself and anyone else attending the AccessU and/or DIR accessibility events for the May and July meetings; and I’ll volunteer a segment in June after I go to the Adobe Summit User Group Manager conference)
If people would send their lists of both what they’d like to see and what they could present, we can start matching these up.

For the May meeting, I’m suggesting that the topics covered will be a report from AccessU from me and some ColdFusion essentials from

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