Where’s Director?

Director 11? This year? Ever?

Director CS3 icon

(added 6-17-07: Adobe is offering a Director MX2004 eSeminar this Wednesday June 20 and again on July 24. Doesn’t sound like anything new in itself, but the fact that it’s occurring does indicate the program isn’t dead.)

On Tuesday, Gary Rosenzweig said yes, Director 11 will be out this year.

Glad I read the above before reading the first paragraph of John Dowdell’s column linked from there (‘I don’t expect much further [Director] evolution’). But look at the third comment, and his response. Other comments:

There will be a lot more information on Director 11 as we start the home stretch to the release in H2 07 … We are also getting ready to start the discussions on the Director 3 year roadmap … the news of Director’s death is highly premature and highly ill-informed. Tridib Roy Chowdhury, Director of Products at Adobe
Frankly, I think you are bluffing. response to the above
Silence on the part of the Director community on the D11 pre-release program does not mean that Director development is stopped … They are silent because they are bound by NDA … Let us put the speculations and grapevine on D11 to rest. Expect the D11 in 2H07. You can contact me at K Venkatesh, Senior Program Manager, Director-Shockwave
On the official site, Adobe is releasing specific maybes. Here’s what they say about features:
Adobe is in the process of determining which features will be included in the next version of Director. Some of the features being planned include multiuser support, user interface and workflow improvements, support for Intel® based Mac computers, and Unicode support.
They have a feature requests and bug reports form linked from there; fortunately, Director is included in the product pop-up list. Another option, linked from the site Director @ Night, is a survey to petition Adobe for features.

D11 icon included in the CS3 Icon Collection

Apparently, the CS3 Director 11 icon (shown above) has been ready since last fall. This article regarding the CS3 icon collection is from John Nack, the Photoshop Product Manager. If you can’t figure out what products all these icons represent, here’s a key.

Here is the full CS3 icon collection in ICNs and PNGs, including Director’s.

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