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Interesting web stats

If the global web stats from this site are close to right:

  • less than half the people still use IE6
  • one in five uses IE7
  • one in four uses Firefox
  • one in 50 uses Safari
  • only one in twelve still have 800×600 resolution
  • eleven of twelve search with Google
I first saw these linked from

2 replies on “Interesting web stats”

Mark, the research I’ve done confirms these findings. It is heartening to know that width=800 is no longer an limit. However, IE6 usage will not decline very much for 2 years because those sticking with it are 1) corporations whose intranet apps depend on it and 2) home users with so many viruses they can’t install patches or updates anymore

Thank you, Monty. Yes, I think most developers realize that scraping off IE6 support in the near future is not advisable except for certain audiences.

Sad to contemplate your second point, though! We use Macs at home except for one PC just for watching Netflix (IE only!?). We always unplug the ethernet on that machine, or turn it off altogether, when done. 🙂

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