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Ubuntu LAMP Server Installation: thanks Karsten!

At the April meeting, Karsten Pearce walked us through the steps for an Ubuntu LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) installation. Here are the notes he used for this presentation, which he compiled from various online sources: LAMP Setup (PDF).

One thing he recommended is, that if you’re planning to do a dual-boot setup with Windows, to install Windows first. This is my situation since I have a PC with a wiped hard drive I’m planning to try this on.

Thank you Karsten!

2 replies on “Ubuntu LAMP Server Installation: thanks Karsten!”

Not to be anti-Linux, but the WAMP software is wonderfully easy and powerful and I use it on my Windoze XP Desktop (die, Vista, die) at work because I have to have Adobe Photoshop / Creative Suite. So, WAMP is more Adobe compatible. Ubuntu is a great OS for your personal workstation, but I’d never use it on a production server tho (only RHES or SUSE will do).

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