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Learning Flash/ActionScript

We had some discussion at the last meeting re. Flash and its scripting language, ActionScript. Flash started as an animation program, using a keyframe/timeline model, and it can still be used this way. But to achieve the full power of the modern Flash, you’ll want to learn some ActionScript.

ActionScript is now at version 3.0, which came out about two years ago. I still use AS v.2 but will move to v.3 as soon as practical, project-wise (the only Flash project I’m working on now is an extension of a two-year old AS2 project). I’ve also delayed because I’m careful about forcing users to upgrade Flash Player versions (AS3 requires FP9, now almost two years old) unless really required.

I’ve recently read some discussion of the ‘difficulty’ of learning AS3 as compared to previous versions. What’s the difference between v.2 and v.3? Short description heard at last fall’s Adobe MAX conference in a session titled Intro to ActionScript 3: “AS3 is harder to learn at first but easier to work with once you do.” So, check the links in this post and dive in to one or the other.

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AccessU report

Here are my AccessU notes as a public Google notebook*. Just the stuff in the named section is specific to the conference.

My AccessU Powerpoint presentation for the May 15 meeting.

Overall, an excellent conference. I’ll report on the accessibility subjects covered there at the May 15 meeting. A few things new to me:

btw, if you use Google notebook extensively like I do, *back up important stuff there from time to time. I inexplicably lost a whole subsection after I made this notebook public, even without granting anyone edit capability.

NOTE 5-14: A kind and patient individual suggested the supposedly lost data may be accidentally deleted, in my ‘Trash’. Indeed, that was the case; it is now properly restored. Thank you!!!

online training account request; subscription price discount for re-up

As promised in the meeting Mar. 20, I officially requested a free BVAUG User Group account from I submitted the request Apr. 3. So far, just an automated response.

For personal subscriptions, I mentioned that the premium service at is $375/year.* However, just this week I re-subscribed to at work and received a $60 discount for not letting my account expire before re-upping. Might be a consideration for anyone evaluating a subscription. This must be new since this is the third or fourth year I’ve subscribed and hadn’t got a discount before.

*The difference between this and the $250/year version is the ability to download their exercise files. This is crucial for some of the tutorials but certainly not for all. Carefully look through the library before subscribing to see if the training you’d be interested in really depends on these files.