To Lazarus a drowned laptop, leave it in a hot car

(A long story follows. Or, jump to the summary.)

MacBook Pro, on and working
Thought this laptop was dead, but now it’s alive. A hot car helped (talking about temperature, not whether it’s stolen or how expensive it is).

About 10 weeks ago, my wife accidentally spilled an entire large glass of iced tea (unsweetened, thank goodness) onto and into her 1 year-old MacBook Pro. Sad day.

I followed instructions online. After disconnecting the power cord, I removed the bottom plate and made sure all the liquid was out, with a hair dryer blowing in to make sure. Unfortunately, the battery couldn’t be removed, but I sealed the laptop, bottom still off, in an airtight container filled halfway with uncooked rice to absorb whatever moisture remained.


The Dropbox Markdown WordPress Shortcode plugin

Creates a shortcode that inserts an external Markdown-formatted file into a page or post

screenshot of files in the Mac OSX FinderWorking on my first plugin. It’s very simple but perhaps addresses a narrow niche in the numerous ways to use and integrate Dropbox, Markdown and WordPress.

Here’s the plugin on github. Or download it directly.

Here’s its readme file, embedded using the plugin:


Givers and takers

From This is Indexed: Consume: debt; create: profit Thanking all creators.


The best fish tacos overflow the plate

Large and wonderful fish taco, with cilantro, pico de gallo and sliced cucumbers added

From the amazing Fuego Tortilla Grill in College Station. Mysteriously wonderful food. In a good, er, great way.


Adopted a new buddy from the animal shelter #uglydogsrule

a face only a dog mother could love. Well, my wife and i love him too

Grocery store sushi rolls

Sushi rolls with orange spicy sauce#embarassedilikeitbutido

Twenty years ago when I lived overseas, I loved that I could get sushi rolls at the grocery. In the past several years I now see them in just about every grocery here. Very nice, especially when they’re good (like these from the Kroger in Bryan).

salmon sushi rolls


Frito-Lay: cool company

Ruffles bag with large clump of ruffles flavoring

Big clump of spice (“cheddar and sour cream”) in my Ruffles. Called the 800 number; no hold time and they’re sending coupons for replacement chips.

Even when I told them they didn’t need to since I’ll be using this spice anyway. Cool company.

Update: $2 worth of coupons sent (double what I paid for the Ruffles). Nice!


the news

Which is it?

One newspaper headline: No end in sight (to drought). The other newspaper says Rain on way to area┬áPapers from the same day, same town. I’m picking the one on the right, but what do I know?



Flash Player everywhere. :-/

Please download Flash Player. Alert on a customer monitor at a Subway restaurantAnd kind of pushy



Chalupa. Taco. Warm. Juicy. Drool

taco and chalupaTaken at Coco Loco